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In Memoriam of Tom Voûte

It is with great sadness that we announce that the Dutch trading community lost one of its pioneers in 2021: Tom Voûte. 


We will remember him for his passion for automated trading, which guided his career.  At IMC Trading, he managed to grow his cash trading team 'the Algorithmic Trading Group' from a one-man show to a cross-country desk that traded successfully all over the globe. When he decided to go his own way, he managed to repeat that success together with co-founders Bob Collin and Chun Wing Man and a growing team of colleagues.

His relentless drive and keen intellect got us off to a great start and we soon expanded the HK operations with desks in the Netherlands and Curacao. In the early days he was actively involved in running and expanding the business one challenge at a time ("jumping through hoops", as he liked to call it). Over time, Tom developed into a mentor providing guidance for the team. 

He loved to inspire people and would take the whole team on well-planned excursions to amazing places like the Batavia shipwreck, the Taj Mahal and Spitsbergen to name but a few. We are grateful for his legacy and will proudly carry on the work he started.


3 July, 2021

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